….and that Broker should be Leslie at Glogau Insurance Services!

1. Health insurance is certainly one of the most important purchases you will make.

2. A broker is licensed and trained to understand the policies that are currently available.

3. It doesn’t cost you anything to seek the advice of a broker.  Brokers are paid by the insurance companies.

4. Insurance is confusing to the lay person in any environment; in the current one, it is more confusing and frustrating than ever.

5. A broker will ask relevant questions, listen to your answers and then recommend the product or products that will best suit your needs 

6. A broker will know how to find the companies that have your doctors and medicines before recommending a particular insurance company.

7. You have someone to help you when there is a problem

8. A broker will know who to call or how to get help from the insurance company when things go wrong.

9. Brokers know how to combine insurances to cover you for all contingencies

10. A broker is continually educating themselves on new marketplace products, rules and trends. They have the most up to date information and that will help you, once again, to purchase the correct product for you and your family.